In 2004, Paducah Power System connected all of its substations with fiber optic cable, creating a 61 mile fiber backbone for its service territory.  Besides upgrading our system, we sought to provide the community with a communications infrastructure that benefits residents, businesses, schools and health care entities with their internet connectivity, telephone service, video surveillance and alarm system notification needs. We now have more than 400 businesses in Paducah taking advantage of PPS FiberNet. PPS FiberNet does not provide direct services, we simply offer bandwidth for providers. 

Local hospitals and schools are currently using PPS FiberNet for point-to-point connections that save them thousands of dollars each month and allow them easier download capability.  PPS FiberNet will not deal directly with any end user, unless that user is large enough to have an IT Manager/Department.  For more information regarding our fiber network, contact Brent Shelton at 270-575-4004 or bshelton@paducahpower.com.